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Two out of Three IS Bad

Customer Experience, Sales Development

Meatloaf was close when he sang: "Two out of Three Ain't Bad”, but Aristotle knew better. 

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3 Sales Growth Lessons from a Massively Successful Start-up (plus a Bonus)

Customer Experience, sales growth

Sometimes at an industry conference, you hear a lot of BS. Complete and utter BS.

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An Anchovy Tale: Is your sales style about YOU or your PROSPECT?

Customer Experience, sales growth, Product Value

Yep.  He charged me $2.00 for Anchovies on my Caesar salad.  Where I come from, Anchovies are part of the Caesar salad.

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UPDATED: 4 Lessons in Customer Experience from my Tire Salesman

Customer Experience, sales, Building Relationships

This is a quick update as I just went back.

Please read the main post below the line.  Update: Gary has all of his techs/service personnel send out the cards within 2 days so[...]

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